Miasha took to the streets of NYC’s famed Lower East Side with a boom box, a tiny camera and her brand new single ‘Everybody’s Beautiful.’ The official video just made it’s debut on ArtistDirect and was directed by P.R. Brown. Miasha told the Advocate a bit about the song, and it’s accompanying video.

“People often feel vulnerable when they dance,” said Miasha. “But when people watch other people dance, they feel happy and they see beauty and honesty. I wanted to capture the diversity we have here every day, and show how just by watching a stranger lose him or herself in the moment for a few seconds, we can feel that same beauty. We took a boom box to the Lower East Side, and with a tiny camera in hand, went up to 55 total strangers blasting the song and asked them to ‘break it down.’ Of course being in NYC they all said yes!”

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